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With over  220,000  participants in my seminars and conference  presentations plus  individual coaching  I have  identified  key  tips and strategies that do make  you more successful  in your  life and business.

You can participate  in  your  growth  Success  in two  ways:  Seminars    and  personalised coaching                                 

Seminars:  How to be more successful in Your  Life and Business and career.

CONTENT: an action packed motivating half day seminar to help you focus and deliver success.  8.30 am to  1pm

You will learn.

How to focus on what you want and get it.

How to develop your attitude.

How to do better than yesterday.

How to create 90 day action 12 week plans for success.

How to plan important tasks to achieve results.

How to create 21 reasons to get customers to your business.

How to handle change.

How to make decisions.

How to win decisions in your favour.

What leadership is and how to use leadership in your career.

How to be more successful at everything you do

You will  complete at this seminar  program  a 12  week action plan for yourself to implement to succeed.

At  completion  You  will  get  a certificate  plus 12 months email,  and 12 months  0800  phone support.


Who should attend?  People  who want to  make a difference  in themsleves,  business owners,  business collleagues,  sales people,  families,  couples  wanting to  change,  or  participants who want to be motivated   for a  morning  and  want to go away  with  practical  things to do  and  become more  successful. Any age,  any  person,  just bring your open mind and  enjoy the  morning.  Full  handouts, pens, certificates   provided....

You dont get invited  to  buy the next  crash  international  seminar  or  expensive products     you just get support for your challenges.

Your investment  is only  :$300  includes  GST.    NEXT   Success  SEMINAR DATE   time 8.30 am  to 1pm.


Sept   :  Auckland    Wednesday  14 th  September     Venue  Double tree Lodge Conference Room, 80 Great south Road, Newmarket. [Just up from Ferrari Showroom]

or you can have a  personalised date and time to suit and your team.

Book your ticket here

 or phone  0800GEEWIZ  or  go to  the seminars  website  and select the date  and location.

or :

Coaching  on a personalised  basis to help you achieve your  Business or personal goals. The  techniques  shown to you  are  practical  and stimulate you to  get  objectives  and  learn smarter  ways to  get results  personalised to your   needs and  at your pace.  Based  on my experience  in helping many  business owners and  people all around the  globe in 34 countries.

Coaching  is done  by twice monthly  face 2 face meetings  in person or over  skype  video,  weekly  phone and email reviews,  and  support when you need it    and focussed  on helping you  achieve.  You get  more than talk you get  forms and advice and  participation in your  decisions  and support for those tough  decisions  in business  and life.

Who  responds well to coaching ?  People  in business or with  challenges that want to  fast track the learning  to  get  the results and  need  a  coach with life experience  in business   who  has  practiced   many  of the  strategies involved .  The  challenge is helping you not telling  to think and grow in confidence  in your decision  making.

Your investment in Coaching  can be  as  little as  $500  per month to  $1000  per month  to suit  your taime frame  and  goals.

To start  discussing how  Geewiz  Coaching can  assist you   send me a email : richard  or phone  0274720410  or  0800 GEEWIZ





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